Move Beyond Compliance, to Value

Measurement systems are effectively the cash registers of your business, delivering critical data to guide decision making. And as the saying goes: "You can't manage what you don't measure."
From well maintenance to gas plant optimization, precise and consistent measurement not only fulfills regulatory requirements but also delivers the information needed to better control costs and drive up value.
MSI offers proactive, managed compliance. We ensure that your assets are efficiently managed, the risk of non-compliance reduced, and quantitative and qualitative measurement integrity is improved.

We implement our EPAP Program with minimal input and requirements, so your team can focus on their primary responsibilities.

The MSI Process

Measurement Schematic Validation

  • Measurement schematic development & validation

  • Ensure every reporting facility has an accurate, validated measurement schematic available



  • Validated schematics

  • Optimized schedules: Well testing, meters, sampling & analysis

  • All required logs, including: unmetered vent, fuel and flare gas, well test logs, PD meter logs

Production Accounting

  • Accounting formula and data input review

  • Facility reporting & delineation review

  • All required fuel, flare and vent gas estimates

  • Review all required accounting factors and estimates, including: GIS, GOR, GEV; ECF, LGR & WGR 


  • Monthly compliance KPI tracking report

  • Annual EPAP declaration prepared and ready for submission

  • Regulatory exemption opportunities identified